Budget for Nukes

As President Trump reveals his budget plan, lawmakers need to recognize the need for investing into Nuclear Weapons for national and world security.

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Atoms for Peace Revisisted

As the possibility for diplomatic talks with North Korea opens up the opportunity to use nuclear energy as a diplomatic bargaining tool needs to be revisited. In addition, as the JCPOA needs to be replaced providing nuclear power presents a unique opportunity for increased security.

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Silk Road Strategies

China’s ‘Silk Road’ project deserves skepticism, yet its advantages and cooperation should be considered

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Modern Nuclear Threat

Maintaining an inaccurate picture of the actual results of a nuclear strike in the modern world leads us closer rather than further from nuclear war coming to pass

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Nuclear Concerns over the ‘Silk Road’

What does the Chinese ‘Silk Road’ project mean for Nuclear Arms security?

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North Korean Nuclear Threat

With the recent launch of a North Korea missile, what nuclear threat does North Korea pose to the United States?

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The Girth Hitch and Risk Assessment

Girth Hitching a Personal Anchor Device to a belay loop provides an excellent example of applied risk assessment

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